WYTV's Pledge of Allegiance Will Feature Springfield Students

SLES students wearing patriotic colors for the Pledge of Allegiance

WYTV’s Pledge of Allegiance segment will feature students from Springfield Local Elementary School.  Videos of classes reciting the Pledge of Allegiance were recorded and submitted to WYTV, which will air the segments on the dates listed below from 6:30-7 a.m. The recordings will also be featured on www.wytv.com after airing during the morning news. In order to maintain social distance, some classes did multiple recordings. 


December 18, Mrs. Pompeo

December 21, Mrs. Melnek (Group A)

December 22, Mrs. Melnek (Group B)

December 23, Mrs. Humphries (Group A)

December 24, Mrs. Humphries (Group B)  

December 25, Mrs. Eynon

December 28, Miss Williams (Group A)

December 29, Miss Williams (Group B)

December 30, Mrs. Husted

December 31, Mrs. Wolfe (Group A)

January 1, Mrs. Wolfe, (Group B)

January 4, Miss Rencewicz   

January 5, Mr. Gerchak (Group A)

January 6, Mr. Gerchak (Group B)

January 7, Mrs. Matey (Group A)

January 8, Mrs. Matey (Group B)

January 11, Mrs. Ridzon

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