Autism Awareness Month

Autism awareness, ribbon with blue, red and yellow puzzle pieces and hands

April is Autism Awareness Month. As in previous years, the Springfield Local School District  will continue to use the month of April to teach about autism, inclusivity, kindness, and what makes everyone unique.  In previous years, shirts were sold, and we hope to get back to this next year.  Due to the circumstances of this year, we are still encouraging everyone who has a shirt to use Thursdays throughout the month of April to show support.  If you do not have a shirt and would like to participate, included below are two wonderful websites you may be interested in ordering shirts.

This site was created by a family whose daughter, Jordyn, has autism.  She rolls all of the shirts, adds a wristband, and signs a thank you note for each sale.  This helps to teach her job training skills.  All orders are free shipping and are shipped within 3-5 days of placing your order.  

Autism Speaks

Purchases through this site support individuals with autism and their families.

We truly appreciate all the support and inclusivity our students, families, and staff show.


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