Principal's Message

Tony DeFelice
High School Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

In our effort to provide educational services in an efficient and productive manner we will follow the high school master schedule. Students must make themselves available for real time on-line instruction; if your teacher is using Google classroom or Zoom to teach a lesson. This format will allow for greater structure and the opportunity for questions and concerns to be addressed on that particular subject. This should help alleviate confusion, and prove to be beneficial for students and staff alike. If a student does not or cannot make themselves available they must communicate a legitimate reason in advance. The student is still responsible for completing assigned work. (Students should be given 24 hours to submit homework and a two-day minimum notice for any and all tests) It is expected that all parties communicate as best possible, as we attempt to provide on-line instruction in an unprecedented environment.

Best Regards, Tony DeFelice   

High School Principal  


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