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I usually assign homework about 3 times a week. Sometimes I collect it and other times we check it, take questions, and they keep it. If students come to class without it, they must write a homework excuse. It goes on an index card with the date, the assignment, and the reason why it was not completed. For every three missing assignments, they will receive a detention. This is our school policy.

Any time a student is absent, another student in their row will collect and write down all assignments for that person. The assignment with your child's name and date will be placed in the absent assignment box in my room. When the student returns to school, they just check the absent assignment box for anything with their name on it.  It works great!

I will assign journal entries at various times throughout the month.  I am in the process of changing the way I do journals, so when I iron out the details, I will inform you about them. 


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